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Coil split diagram needed
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23rd December 2012
Old 23rd December 2012
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Coil split diagram needed


Probably been answered before. Did my best to search for old threads, so apologies if this is repeat.

I have a strat with a humbucker in the bridge, standard single-coils in the mid and neck.

I want to rewire to coil split the humbucker using an extra switch. Been looking all over for a diagram. Anyone have one bookmarked?

26th December 2012
Old 26th December 2012
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Diagrams in every Duncan and Dimarzio pickup sold.

However... If all you want is a simple coil splitter, then you can take a tap off the bridging wires and shunt it to ground via the switch.

But wait, there's more!! If you want something even cooler, here's my old trick.

Connect a wire to the the "series" bridging wires between the two coils and connect them to a SPDT switch...on off on. Connect this new wire to the center tap on the switch, Connect one side to ground and the other to the hot on the pickup selector switch for the humbucker's output., Voila: Coil selector. 1 position is front coil, middle is normal humbucker and other position is rear coil. The option here is you choose the coil for sound in combination with the single coils PLUS you can see which coil humbucks with each single coil.
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26th December 2012
Old 26th December 2012
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Here is it Sir !

27th December 2012
Old 27th December 2012
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guitarelectronics.com has some killer diagrams for any configuration you could imagine
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