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The new Diezel D-MOLL
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15th December 2012
Old 15th December 2012
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The new Diezel D-MOLL

Hi guys,

I just bought the new Diezel D-Moll and uploaded a playthrough of it. If u are interested in it, here you can find it:

Greetz STYH
16th December 2012
Old 16th December 2012
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Sounds yummy! Could be a little bit tighter in the bass for metal, though. Still I love the tone and the low-mid authority.
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17th December 2012
Old 17th December 2012
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Sooo, is this a smaller version of the Herbert or a completely new amp with an new voicing?

Sounds like the amp doesn't have any sag, which the Herbert does. Starting from complete silence the notes pop out like there's a noise gate opening, like the notes start from a brick wall instead of gradually building up. I notice this in all of the D-Moll demos, not just yours.
21st December 2012
Old 21st December 2012
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