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Mesa 4x12 cabinet: only using 2 speakers?
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9th December 2012
Old 9th December 2012
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Mesa 4x12 cabinet: only using 2 speakers?

I have a Mesa Boogie 4x12 amp and obviously it can go very loud during recording (or in my case re-amping). Don't want to disturb the neighbours too much..

Now I remember someone saying that there is a way to only use 2 of the Mesa's speakers instead of the 4. That would help a lot in keeping the volume down.

The cab has an additional input that says 'split for stereo or bi-amp'. Is this what I'm looking for? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!!
22nd December 2012
Old 22nd December 2012
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Yes, that is what you want to do. Just want to make sure that you are running out of the correct impedance output on your head to match the new impedance of your cab when only running 2 speakers.

For example, if the cab is 8 ohm, there is a good chance that each pair could be made up of 2 8 ohm speakers in series which gives you 16 ohm, then those two pair are in parallel to make up 8.

So just make sure you are running out of the correct outputs and your should be fine.
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