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Cant stop my guitar from distorting!
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18th January 2012
Old 18th January 2012
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Cant stop my guitar from distorting!

im a songwriter recently exploring the world of half decent recordings.

i have a windows 7 pc with 8gig mem, universal audio LA-610 pre, and an RME fireface 800. i use live to record with fl studio rewired for sampling. but i cannot get a good sound on my guitar to save me. even with the pre amp really low the guitar still distorts. could it be guitar rig? its not my AKG-701's either, they're fine (vst) it sucks because ive got a banging tune happening with an awesome vocal theme/melody. please help me give it the sound it deserves.
29th January 2012
Old 29th January 2012
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How are you recording the guitar, Is it a mic on the amp's cabinet or a di?
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