best stomp box compressor
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blend knob is a great idea on the wampler!!!!
Old 3rd March 2012
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Originally Posted by Igotsoul4u View Post
blend knob is a great idea on the wampler!!!!
Yep.. and there was one company that did it first
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I actually had several of the classic vintage compressor pedals long time past and I ended up dropping them because of the intense clamp and gate effect they did to the sound. I had a few processor units that modeled some of the those and again was a tone killer, simply had to shut it off a lot. I found a good clean boost was a great thing for so many uses. One reason I like having the Radial PB1 as a front end buffer with its class A clean boost. Still comes in handy.

The Wampler is my return to having a compressor on the board again and I just love that puppy. The Blend is great as well as the ability to speed the release up and also a tone. Few pedals have that many tone options and fewer still offer a fast release or blend.

(Sorry, I confused this w my overdrive controls thinking it had a separate bass and treb control. Just a tone, up for more treble presence down for flat.)

Really an impressive pedal that is the most transparent compressor I have used. Some like that classic Dyna thing, if that is what you like, you like it. I hated compressors for a long time. The Wampler is just great, you can actually turn your straight tone all on and use the EQ to make a transparent clean boost. I tend to like the blend about 9-10:00, Comp level about 12:00, the release up fast and just enough EQ and level to sparkle up the tone a little. Works so well I tend to leave it on.

I would suppose something like the Joe Meek optical compressor would be better (if there is actually a "better") I have not tried one but a lot more bucks.
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