Eric Clapton Sig. Strat Problems
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13th March 2007
Old 13th March 2007
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Eric Clapton Sig. Strat Problems

Trouble shooting help needed.

My high E string on my Eric Clapton signature Srat sounds like it's not being amplified. New strings, bridge and nut looks ok. The other strings sound fine, but you play anything on the high E string you just get a dull plink sort of sound. It has the original fender lace pickups. It just started doing this about a month ago. Any ideas to what might cause this? I've been playing guitar for along time and had never come across a problem like this. I raised the string height at the bridge and no change.
19th March 2007
Old 19th March 2007
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Sounds like a wire has broken inside the Lace sensor.

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