Yamaha HS8
Yamaha HS8

Yamaha HS8

4.75 4.75 (1 Reviews)
New version of the popular studio monitors for a very reasonable price
Yamaha HS8
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Published by gasolin on 18th June 2013
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Overall: 4.75 4.75
Yamaha HS8

These speakers Yamaha HS8 is the new version of the 7 year old HS80M used by many as a tool for mixing music or just listening to music as i do with the new HS8.

The old hs has a low cut and mid trim where the new hs only has room control and high trim (which the old HS models also have), improvements are a better cabinet, new bas,midrange, a tweeter that goes all the way up to 30khz and a 6 db more quiet rear bassport.

The old HS80M which i never have owned (heard them many times) is a speaker that can be a bit agressive in the upper midrange lower tweeter and there for could be a bit fattigue where the smaller HS50M where to me more fattigue then the HS80M.

The HS8 are to me very neutral and theres absolutly no fattigue, personally i don't need a subwoofer or to adjust the sound using the high trim or room control, the sound is clean and open without sounding bright and unnatural

Theres 45 watt for the 1" tweeter and 75 watt for the 8" big bas/midrange where the amplifiers are surpose to be the same as the old ones in the hs80/50m, with their pro and cons,only the hs7 has a "new" amplifer they didn't used in the old hs, a speaker like the more expensive but also very popular adam a7x has 100/150 watt, but the total of 120 watt, each speaker has is for my taste and room more then enough, they can be really loud, enough for the neighbors to hear exactly what you are playing.

As i have mentioned in the begining, i use them only for listening to music and they sound just great, with lots of power, no typical bright sound with either to much or not enough bass, music sounds as they are recorded without the speakers adding something to the sound that most hifi speaker do.

If you want to use them for professional use or just to listen to music they will do the job, they are bang for the buck, big speaker where you don't need a subwoofer, lots of power and most importent good sound for a resonable price.
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