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Esi Near08 experience

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Esi Near08 experience

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Published by ChampionsProd on 28th April 2012
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Esi Near08 experience

Hi i come again with a review...
This time is about my new studio monitors
EsiNear08 Experience
I had till a month ago many studio monitors like M-Audio bx8a , bx5a , m-audio av40 , yamaha hs50m and the hs80m , yamaha ns10 , ns10-m studio , event tr8 , event 20/20 passive , behringer b2030a , b2031a (truth and nontruth series) , alesis monitor one mk2 , and m1mk2 ,esi near05 and many more....for project studio budget...
The one i liked the most were Yamaha hs80m and event 20/20 passive...yamaha for the mids very detaliated and the event for the midfield mixing and great bass...
One month ago i bought this monitors esi near08 and i am very surprized by the accuracy and the great mixing posibilities that this monitors give me..they remind me very well of my late event 20/20 but on nearfield...
i`ve tested this speakers on the frequencies...the translate very well from 40hz to 20 khz not to 22khz like they said on the official site , maybe i have a hearing problem...i`m 30
i think for project studios they are great and go to the stores and listen to them .. you will love them....
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