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Neve 2264alb (500 series comp/lim
Neve 2264ALB

Neve 2264ALB

4.5 4.5 (1 Reviews)
2264 alb...This thing is by far the best 500 series anything I own, and I own lots!!!
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Published by Foodogsoup on 18th April 2012
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Overall: 4.5 4.5
Neve 2264alb (500 series comp/lim

Before I steer anyone into buy somthing I love, I think its important to understand where I'm comming from. First off. I love warm. I hate most anything without a transformer in it. If you gave me an SSL, i would sell it. Not cause its bad.. its just not me... I have been recording and mixing for 25 years. I've worked in Abby road Ocean Way and many other amazing studio's around the world as a performer, a producer and an engineer, I don't think much of a peice of anything untill I hear it, use it and love it.

I have for some reason bought a bunch of 500 series thingy's. I hate most of everyone I've tried. A few however make me so happy I can't even speak. I can take them with me without to much dramma. Even the best have been a sort of comprimise for me. Unitll now.

The 2264alb is the first time I've used a piece of 500 series equipment that paralleled every claim it made against its predecessors and then some. Once I got over the usual.... "man these knobs are small compared to my real pieces" I have to say that in operation this thing destroyed me. It sounds like whatever vintage Neve Comp/Lim I want it too for one third the price of one vintage comp channel.

Bass... easy to get a sound. Made it 3d immediately ate all the icky crap for lunch and then gave me a hot plate of mmmmm.

Distorted Guit... Use the limiter just a bit. Let the transformers do the rest. YUM

Clean Guitar.... punched in the face. Not my ear drums

Vox. To many options. Is my only complaint. I had to commit and move on. The other things seemed more obvious. The vox took allot longer to dial in compared to an LA2A but thats just because I had so many other comp's it could model. It was ********.

Drum buss. OH GOD YES!!!! sounds as good as anything I own. Suddenly I had a vintage class A Neve console. (my board is perty good too) Again it cleans as well as compresses. But cleans in a cool warm way. No eating of frequencies just better way better. My VU`s don’t move but the drums can sound 35 percent louder and 200 percent more listenable MMMM cause all the crap is gone.

and so on.

Really this is the first thing these guys have done in a 500 i find worth it and them some. The AML ez 73 distroys the Neve-AMX in a 500 series but thats another story. Who ever was in charge of this puppy. Needs to run the whole 500 show over there.
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