UAD Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass

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A One-of-a-Kind “Magnifying Glass” for Low Frequencies
UAD Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass

Published by sensationblack on 4th March 2012
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Overall: 4.75 4.75
UAD Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass

My latest purchase from UAD, and one of favorite already. As Electronic music composer, giving the bass the right treatment is the basic and how easy is that with UAD VOG. As you can see from my grades, everything is 10 except features, which is also advantage, cause you can't go lost with this plug-in.
This FX can go on one of the following parts: Kick, Snare, Bass, Lead and FX, but not altogether cause you’re mix will suffer from over bass.
Usually the trick that I do with this plug-in, is that I take the main lead and sends it into three different channels in the mixer. The first channel it’s the low-end of the lead. There is where I put the VOG. After giving the right treatment I’m taking the three channels and compress them together.
It’s also a great tool if you make your on mixes. From time to time I record my session from Traktor and I’m always feeling that something is missing. Even just a little bit from this FX can make any “pale” mix to very “pumpy” one.
One last thing about the plug, it’s only 150$. But at any promotion you can buy it for much less. I think that I bought my copy in 100$ only. Really worth it.
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