Operatic overdubs. Spaces around NYC?
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6th February 2013
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Operatic overdubs. Spaces around NYC?

So I'm a little in over my head. I wrote and produced a piece for a small ensemble and opera singer. I've recorded a string quartet, accordion, piano and I'm using some sampled contrabassoon for fun.

Now I have an opera singer waiting to do tracks and I have no idea where to record her. Also, there are some other details that I'm a bit fuzzy on.

I'm trying to find a good space in/around NYC. Does anyone know of good spaces to do a 5 hour (max) session in?

Also, I've heard that if opera singers do overdubs they require engineers to do the thing where they set up a pair of monitors out of phase where they perform rather than use headphones. Should I plan on this?

The micing situation depends on if I'm doing the recording or if there's an engineer where we end up recording. I've spoken to some very accomplished producers and they've convinced me that, with some work, I can engineer it fine if I need to.

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.
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