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can i daisy chain subs to full range tops?
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26th February 2012
Old 26th February 2012
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can i daisy chain subs to full range tops?

any sound techs wanna help a brother out? i want to know if i can daisy chain subs to/from the tops? subs have a built in crossover and so does my board (yamaha emx5000). subs rated at 300/1200pk tops rated at 500/1000pk. if i can do this i will run stereo. thanks....all passive spekers will probably be powered with rmx 1850.
26th February 2012
Old 26th February 2012
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you might be able to, if the boxes have passive crossovers to suit. that said i would not suggest it. sound quality wise, you are much better off using an active cross over
26th February 2012
Old 26th February 2012
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This is certainly possible, but it's not something I'd recommend doing often.

The problem you'll run into is likely not having enough low-end, because your tops are going to be getting the same power as your lows. As a rule of thumb, the low-end is much harder to create, so you need more power for them, and you'll not benefit as much from having a sub in this case. It might be better than nothing, it might be worse (especially if that passive x-over fails and you end up with a full-range voice-coil!), but in any scenario it isn't ideal.

You can find powered subs that will take a powered signal. This will make sure the subs are getting the power they really need from their own amps, and you get the convenience of just jumping the tops right to them (no extra cable runs needed, or x-over splits, etc.).
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