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Learning Pro Tools?
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18th November 2012
Old 18th November 2012
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Learning Pro Tools?

I'm really comfortable with Ableton and I'm thinking I want to stick with that throughout my music career. Originally I was gonna keep Ableton on my laptop and build a studio around Pro Tools to have both since its the industry standard. But now I'm just starting to think that's a complete waste of money and time when I'm already comfortable with Ableton and I can produce the way I want and focus more of rapping and let my engineers worry about Pro Tools. Or should I just stick with what I thought originally?
18th November 2012
Old 18th November 2012
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Hey mate! Iv tried most of the industri standard daws and ended up using pro tools. For me the layout and logic of the program was a big plus. If your interested in being a mixing engineer I would suggest your better off by learning pro tools. If your a songwriter it wont matter as long as the program doesent clutter your creativity..
I wish you the best of luck in your search
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19th November 2012
Old 19th November 2012
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Hey. I'm kind of in the same boat myself. I know ableton inside and out and can get what I want out of it pretty fast. That being said I've just demo'd pro tools 10 and it seems great. Ableton is quite straightforward and that's one of the beautiful things about it. But I really am liking the layout of pro tools and the feel of it. Yes it's taking a bit of getting used to but I like the challenge and am looking forward to stepping over. I'll still keep ableton but pro tools so far has been pretty fun. I recorded the exact same drum loop out of my mpc into pro tools and into ableton and call me crazy but I could hear a difference that I found quite pleasing. I found the top end in pro tools to be a little less harsh and tinny sounding then ableton. Night and day? No. Noticeable? Absolutely. This alone convinced me that I could really benefit from the sonic difference. I just felt that the sound coming out of pro tools was more how I imagined quality audio sounding. Everything felt like "yeah, that sits right". Where as in ableton some of the hi end especially noticeable in hi hats and snare seemed like they were a little more brittle if I could describe it that way.
Has anyone else noticed this sound difference?
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