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Vocal compression/eq???
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15th February 2012
Old 15th February 2012
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Vocal compression/eq???

so i went out and bought a mxl genesis mic...which after lots of reviews seemed like a good deal for how much it cost. even though its bashed on this forum alot. anyways...the desired sound im looking for im not really sure how to achieve.it seems like the mic has good quality i just dont know how to make it sound professional...you kno that upfront, clarity and warmth you hear in pro raps. people have been saying compression, and eqing the vocals. but im kind of newbie when it comes to doing that. im listing a link so you can hear a sample of how the mic sounds in the the room i record in. and it would be help if i could get some tips on how to make the vocal sound professional. its in a dead room, nothing added, no reverb ect. if i can get the sound im looking just off of this vocal, i can take it from there while mixing it with a beat. help please!
heres a link to the vocal...

SoundClick artist: Steve StaLs - page with MP3 music downloads

feedback would be great.
16th February 2012
Old 16th February 2012
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homestudiocorner.com and recordingrevolution.com

Those sites will def get you started on the basics. I use to have that mic, great mic cant complain.

1. Do you have any type of room treatment (ie. foam, blankets) anything beats the bare walls of a bedroom.
2. are you using the pop filter that came with it?
3. Practice, experiment, read, repeat. That upfront sound your looking for comes 1st from a great vocal performance. Comps and eq do help bring vocals out, but you def need to understand compression, eq, busses, etc before you just throw em all over the place.

One thing i can tell you is def have that lil switch on the mic that has the flat and the slanted line switched on the slanted line. (thats called the HPF switch). This cuts out everything below 80hz which you dont want in there.

good luck man
16th February 2012
Old 16th February 2012
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i just dont know how to make it sound professional...you kno that upfront, clarity and warmth you hear in pro raps
Things that effect your vocal sound
1. Your enviroment. You need a good room. This is so important and its overlooked many times.
2. mic choice
3. Pre-amp choice
4. Distance from mic (proximitry effect)
5. Your mood when recording.
6. Knowing how to do a real vocal doub take
7. An Experience recording and mixing enginner

What your asking for is not easy to do.

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16th February 2012
Old 16th February 2012
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theres definitely to much background noise. if you have any acoustic panels in your room take them of the wall and use them as boundries around the mic. tube always brings more noise as well. i think i can understand your question couse ive been there not long time ago.
preamp and conversion is same important as mic.
understanding compression and eq takes a lot of time as well. when you know how to use it you can turn sometimes average vocal into nice sounding one.
im not saying that i can do it every time but im still learning as well.

i dont know what preamp you use but try to put some light compresion first(not to take dynamic from it just to make it sound more equal), then eq (high pass filter around 100Hz and try not to boost any frequencies but cut) and then some more compression (maybe slow attack and fast realease). fx on send

i know people will disagree but that was my way to understand them things that at the beginning seems small but gets bigger and more important when you get more to it
21st February 2012
Old 21st February 2012
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Hey guys I really need help with getting better with mixing. I just mixed this track last night so if you could please listen and tell me what exactly I'm missing to make this a worthwhile quality mix, please let me know.Thank you http://www.myspace.com/mujikwa
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