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Free accurate midi files? which site
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11th July 2010
Old 11th July 2010
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Free accurate midi files? which site

In an effort to try and up my skills/knowledge I have been looking for free midi files online. Once I have them I load them into a sequencer .

My next step is going to be to write them out onto a stave sheet. I'm hoping this will give me some ideas of structure/ hamrmony/ melody and instrumentation. I'm preparing myself for a lot of people to say Im wasting my time etc etc ...but I'll do whatever I can to get better and have heard that writing out/transcribing is a valueable exercise. ( I sure hope so haha)

I figure all the sequences are provided by hobyists so the accuracy may not be the best but hopefully they'll be useable.

So do people have any 'go to' sites they use for midi files?
11th July 2010
Old 11th July 2010
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