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Omnispehere unsuitable for Hip Hop/RnB production
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1st January 2013
Old 1st January 2013
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Originally Posted by jpeg View Post
agreed i certainly am guilty of letting the info marinate too much,

never the less the amount of resentment that this info provokes is somewhat astonishing,

kinda understandable its like if i tell a dude ur girl is a hoe and i show him the evidence he gonna be mad at me for telling him shit that he know.

cos he already chosen to ignore certain info and ur spoiling the fantasy

but the beat u posted the sounds defo seem usable, the op gave the impression that it was all evolving pads.

i do get what he saying cos i was going thru nexus and lotta the presets did not immediately strike me as usable but im sure when u edit the sounds or just turn off delays and reverbs u can get some good sounds that u can slide in the mix.

with nexus the dance orchestra is my go to soundbank, and it does sound terrific.

but right out the box i get more usable sounds from purity and ravity without any tweaking
Thanks for the feedback jpeg. Omnisphere really is a great blank canvas for sound designers. It's one of those vst's that could really use a great tutorial though. The manual is very thorough, though, so I definitely have to give Spectrasonics mad respect for that.
1st January 2013
Old 1st January 2013
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Originally Posted by JackV View Post
I use it for choirs usually. Can't even get me decent atmospheric pads in this.
omnispheres predecessor was called atmosphere, there's like thousands of pad presets in omnisphere too...not sure if srs
2nd January 2013
Old 2nd January 2013
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I remember hearing some sick leads when i demo'd the presets of omnisphere. Just turn off those annoying effects they slather on like ketchup and you can make bangin tracks with it. It has probably the best sound engine of any vst I ever heard.
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