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digital mixer or analog and why?
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23rd March 2007
Old 23rd March 2007
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digital mixer or analog and why?

im usein a mackie designs cr1604 and i think its the weakest link in my chain,im looking to upgrade and have about 1000 to spend should i invest in a dital mixer or analog and what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the two. brands?
23rd March 2007
Old 23rd March 2007
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23rd March 2007
Old 23rd March 2007
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a digital mixer will remember you're settings and such, but often require scrolling through a lot of menus to achieve your goal. analog mixers don't have all the features of a digital mixer but are very simple to use, all the knobs are right there for the tweakin'. for me, analog is the way (at least til i can affoard a analog/digital ssl or etc.).
23rd March 2007
Old 23rd March 2007
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Are you satisfied with the sound you can get now with Digital?
If so, just stay digital & maybe spend that 1K on some outboard, quality plugins or save up a little more loot.
If you look hard enough, you can probably find a small sidecar type analog mixer that will sound decent in about that range.

I personally prefer analog hands down, but along with that nice sound come the headaches of board maintenance & the plethora of cabling/patching I gotta do.
Worth it to me for sure, but may not be to all.

The other option you have is a summing mixer.
Probably run a little more than 1K for a real good one, but that may suit you as well & allow you to still use a digital board/controller to control your DAW.

Budget & personal taste will be a major factor.
And keep in mind not all analog is created equal.
Just cuz it's analog doesn't mean it will sound better than your ITB setup.

Not dissin', but I wouldn't call using a Mackie with your Digi an analog setup.
Nothing wrong with the Mackie if it works for you (Hell i started out with an Alesis mixer!!!), but a real analog board would be something of a slightly higher caliber, even it's older, clunkier & dustier.
Personally I'd rather use an old Tascam board than the Mackie.
Those can be had for pennies on dollar these days.

I've used both types, all ITB & then to OTB, now I am back to a full console & even tossed out my DAW Controller.
Theres just no comparison to me, true analog rules.

But you *can* without a doubt achieve mixes/sound of equal caliber with a digital setup if you learn to use it real well & have the right tools.

YMMV !!!!
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