San Juan guitar sound
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26th March 2008
Old 26th March 2008
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San Juan guitar sound

Hi Mr. Lanois,

Just a note to say how much I enjoyed Shine from start to finish. The guitar sounds are some of the most beautiful I've ever heard. I was wondering what guitar/amp you featured on San Juan? If my personality could be described in a guitar tone, I think that would be it.

Thank you for that wonderful piece of music. As many times as the electric guitar amp has been recorded over the years, you seem to be able to pull new sounds out of the ether.

Thank you, and hope all is great.

PS- Bought the new record from the site, and the bottom end sounds amazing in my bimmer.
26th March 2008
Old 26th March 2008
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San Juan was played on a Danelectro guitar and a Gibson tweed amp circa 57. I was playing upstairs in my front room and Adam Samuels was recording downstairs. I did not know he was recording. I went downstairs and he played it back. I did a vocal immediately on a 77 that was set up. The mic was hot with a lot of LA2A and I sung softly.
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