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Pedal Steel
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21st March 2008
Old 21st March 2008
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Pedal Steel

Hi Daniel,
I have always been a great fan of your pedal steel playing. It is indeed unique and inspiring.
Would you mind telling whats your signal chain (mic and pre)? What guitar and amp are you using? any effects?
thanks for so much incredible music
23rd March 2008
Old 23rd March 2008
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My guitar is a Sho-Bud Lloyd Green standard 10 string. I'm currently using a Morley volume pedal because it doesn't have a pot that eventually crackles! It uses an optic cell and runs on a battery. The battery lasts for ages. In the studio I prefer to use a Fender Tweed Deluxe 1959. Live I use my Vox AC-30 1962. Playing soft with the right hand and cranking the amp up loud increases my chances of harmonic interplay. The intro to Jimi's Foxy Lady is my source of inspiration for what I'm talking about. Microphone choices - dynamic mic like a 57 or 409 or a ribbon like a Coles or 77 for a darker tone. Usually a 1066 preamp and no compression.
Daniel Lanois

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