Two of a pair?
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20th March 2008
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Two of a pair?

Salut Dan,

Looking at pictures on the libretto of Shine I had a few questions. What is the use of the two 57's with an elastic?? Base tracks or used on recording, live monitoring or FX...

Also had a question regarding the two pairs of speakers on the meter bridge of the desk. Why?

Merci Dan


BTW: I saw your brother in a small café in Mtl, please tell him the big band song often haunts my head..
23rd March 2008
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The twin 57, the first for recording, the seconD for PA. I didn't want to risk a splitter. In regards to the speakers they were paralleled. This is a speaker wiring technique that I've used for years. Some years back I had a lot of success with a pair of Auratones strapped in parallel to a pair of Radioshack speakers. That's the rig I used for the making of Peter Gabriel's So album.
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