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Most of the time
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17th March 2008
Old 17th March 2008
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Most of the time

Hi Daniel.

Did you use an E-Bow to get the distortion on 'Most of the Time'? Its the first sound that comes up in the intro and is lingering in the background throughout the rest of the song. I have to say that is the most beautiful sounding guitar I have ever heard. Thanks.
17th March 2008
Old 17th March 2008
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I didn't use an ebow. I used a 1956 Les Paul Jr thru my Vox AC30 turned up all the way. Not the bright channel. The sustain that you hear is just what happened naturally. But I did have the rig in a walk-in pantry closet which I believe played a big factor in the sound.
Daniel Lanois

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