Alan Parsons releases 10-hour DVD on the Art And Science Of Sound Recording
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23rd November 2010
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Alan Parsons releases 10-hour DVD on the Art And Science Of Sound Recording

The series looks at each stage of the recording process from individual pieces of studio equipment, to individual techniques, individual instruments, and even individual applications such as simultaneous recording of acoustic guitar and voice, or recording a choir.

Supported by extensive musical examples from Alan himself, custom diagrams, and interview clips from many of Alan’s studio peers, The Art & Science Of Sound Recording takes a classic approach to recording - informed experimentation mixed with liberal doses of creativity – and shows how to apply this philosophy to the modern world of DAWs.

Heavy Hitters

Featured guests span the entire realm of music recording, from producers like Jack Joseph Puig (John Mayer, Green Day, Fergie), John Fields (The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus), to Elliot Scheiner (The Eagles, Steely Dan) and Jack Douglas (John Lennon, Aerosmith, Slash). Although Parsons’ heritage is firmly in the rock camp, the series features country music producers like Tony Brown (Dixie Chicks, George Strait) and Chuck Ainlay (Melissa Etheridge, Mark Knopfler), alternative rock producers like Sylvia Massey (Beck, Tool), R&B producers and engineers like Jimmy Douglass (Justin Timberlake, Timbaland), Allen Sides (Phil Collins, Joni Mitchell), as well as Grammy-winning artists like Michael McDonald, Taylor Hawkins and The Foo Fighters.

The Production

Filmed in HD, The Art and Science of Sound Recording series (ASSR) is produced by KEYFAX NewMedia in Santa Cruz, California, who has been making instructional videos on music and music technology since 1989 under their own brand and also for such clients as Yamaha Corporation of Japan, Universal Audio, Steinberg, Euphonix, Arturia, and many others.

The Art and Science of Sound Recording series invites viewers into Parson’s personal custom 5.1 Surround recording facility, as well as some of the country’s most acclaimed recording studios such as Ocean Way, Record One, Sound Kitchen, Blackbird, Phantom Recording and Henson Recording Studios (formerly A&M.)

Written by Parsons and author and musician Julian Colbeck, Alan Parsons hosts and presents the project aided by actor and musician Billy Bob Thornton, who takes on the role of narrator throughout.

The Art & Science Of Sound Recording is the most complete and lid-lifting look at the recording process ever undertaken.

The website is an intrinsic part of the package. In addition to housing the downloadable scenes (prices start at 99¢ for an individual stream) the website hosts “Take The Quiz” a serious-but-fun 10-point quiz on the topic of each individual section. By answering three scene quizzes 100% correctly participants can win a free section. The quiz also serves to reinforce much of the invaluable information contained in the scenes.

In addition to online streams and digital downloads, the series is also available in a 3-DVD, multi-language, boxed set priced at $149.00 (release scheduled for June 2010). A current pre-sale option offers the full DVD package at $99.00, which includes current access to all of the on-line scenes.


A Brief History Of Recording (10 mins)
Studio Acoustics (17 mins)
Microphones (35 mins)
Consoles & Controllers (37 mins)
Digital Audio & Computers (26 mins)
Monitoring (26 mins)
MIDI (35 mins)
EQ (30 mins)
Compressors & Limiters (31 mins)
Noise Gates (23 mins)
Delays (23 mins)
Reverb (22 mins)
A Live Tracking Session (25 mins)
Internet Recording (10 mins)
Recording Vocals (40 mins)
Recording Drums (35 mins)
Recording Keyboards (28 mins)
Recording Bass (21 mins)
Recording Guitar (40 mins)
Recording Acoustic Guitar With Voice (6 mins)
Recording A Choir (9 mins)
Approaches To Live Recording (10 mins)
Mixing (50 mins)
Dealing With Disasters (10 mins)


Stream single Section: 99¢
Download single Section: $4.99
6-Pack of Sections: $19.95
Pre-release of DVD+Downloads: $99.00
Full DVD: $149.00
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23rd November 2010
Old 23rd November 2010
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23rd November 2010
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This looks like it will be a great resource.
Just looking at the listed content brings up a question.

I like the fact that there is a lot covered on tracking, but
Why wouldn't there be a greater emphasis on mixing and mixing techniques? Maybe I'm just projecting my needs on to this project, though.
23rd November 2010
Old 23rd November 2010
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Woot! - so that should wrap up ( ) my holiday wish list. Love Alan's work.
23rd November 2010
Old 23rd November 2010
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24th November 2010
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That is a great interview..
25th November 2010
Old 25th November 2010
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It's narrated by Billy Bob Thornton :(
25th November 2010
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Nice interview! Badu somewhere between inspiring and weird.. as always..

I love her!

Thanks for sharing!
25th November 2010
Old 25th November 2010
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I phurcased 3 chapters to check it out . Did`nt find a way to phurcase 6 for 20 usd .
It`s a good one tailored for unexperienced guys. I was hoping for "deeper dive" , though.
26th November 2010
Old 26th November 2010
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Badu is my girl.

In a sea of the autotuned, the cheerleaders and the divas, someone so purely old school and talented is something to cherish. I'd love to work/hang with her.


Me too, wish it got a lot deeper. Perfect for my son though!
27th November 2010
Old 27th November 2010
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Originally Posted by noiseflaw View Post
Check out the bottom of the page...

Click on the Erykah Badu tab for her studio Interview - great!

The Art and Science of Sound Recording |
Yeah, plus she has nice earwings
5th December 2010
Old 5th December 2010
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I'm half way into it. AWESOME!
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