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HDX I/O maxed out?
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1st September 2013
Old 1st September 2013
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HDX I/O maxed out?

Does anyone have a clear answer for how each HDX card allocates for its maximum 64 channels of I/O? I have 2xHDX, 4 Lynx Aurora 16 LTHD and 5 blue 192. The HDX 1 is Lynx 1,2 handling all the "money" pres 16ch, 16 ch summing, 16 ch HW insert (32) for 64 channels. HDX 2 is Lynx 3,4 with 32 Digi Pre(I know....the Aurora helps them a ton), and another 32 of various outputs, (hp's, sends to nowhere,etc). That makes for another 64. Lastly I am only using 1 192 w/extra dig card currently to handle 10 ch of aes. 8 on a fan and 2ch on the enclosure.

I've had instances where I see input hitting the convertors but not making it to the session itself. So the questions are: can I only have 32 in 32 out per card or any combination? Does simply having channels set in the I/O matrix, regardless if they are actually sending or receiving signal, count against my total usage or is it what is actually being used.

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