A pro tools 10 dilemma :(
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A pro tools 10 dilemma :(

I will try to explain this in words, as best as I can. So please bare with me, if it is a bit lengthy.

1. My intent is to record and monitor my mic input signal dry without latency delay.

This is how my protools session is set up.

I have all my tracks routed to a submix, a submix track going to my main outs 1-2. My main outs have an aux headphone cue track to my Motu Phono outputs. I set this up like this, so I can turn down my monitors, and monitor the session through headphones, and then afterwards mix on my monitors, by turning them back up through my interface, as I only have 1 knob to control both monitors and headphones.

I am using a Motu Ultralite MK3, and Pro Tools 10.

The problem, all the plugins are effecting my input monitoring on my mic. I arm the track to record, and instead of hearing a dry input signal, it seems to route my input through all of the inserts, and through the headphones I can hear every insert and send effect. It's causing latency in my input. How do I do it, so my input bypasses all the effects. I tried using the bypass on the inserts and sends, but it still does it. So the only solution is to record everything, without any effects on the inserts and sends to get no latency?

Please help.

Thank you
Old 6th February 2013
Sounds like you're really overcomplicating the issue!

Whatever plugins you have on your track - you're monitoring through them in your current setup. Try deactivating the plugins (apple+ctrl+click on them) on the channel you're recording to - and routing that direct to the outputs. That should remove any latency due to plugins, then all you have to do is turn your buffer size down and you should have low latency.
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