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Home Studio Expansion. What to invest in?
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15th January 2013
Old 15th January 2013
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Home Studio Expansion. What to invest in?

Hey guys,

Ok, so i am almost done with my feature length. Its in its final couple of days and then i would shifting to another film. I wanted to ask you guys for suggestions pertaining to equipment. I really dont have an a very expansive setup, i mixed the whole feature using a mouse, so i have two speakers and a card only.

What do you think i should invest in. I have a countless wishlist but i want to move onto something thats a good logical choice in long term.
Since its a home based sound setup, what would you suggest?

My priority list is as follows:

1. A good post- production sound room (L 22 x W 15 x H 10) with a foley stage
2. A mixer
3. Going to a 5.1 setup

- Ahmed

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15th January 2013
Old 15th January 2013
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The room would be the best (and most expensive thing) to invest in first. I would think flexibility first- a good room will improve any/all of you future projects- wheras a 5.1 setup only helps with post-production in reality.
A mixer will only help you if you need to track and route things on the fly all the time- it'd personally just get an interface and mix ITB if I was on a budget...
16th January 2013
Old 16th January 2013
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No need to go to 5.1 unless your clients are requesting it.

A better room would help tremendously, but so would a control surface. I just don't understand how people work without one. Even a dinky Command-8 is a giant step up in speed and the ability to shape the sound.
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16th January 2013
Old 16th January 2013
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Invest as you NEED things. You will know when you need something. Save some funds to get that expensive plugin pack when you "need it" during that mix
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