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Sound Design Project
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21st December 2012
Old 21st December 2012
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Sound Design Project

Hello everyone,

I recently did a project for college in which we took a movie trailer and wiped all of the sound away from it, then added all of the sound effects and the score. I used some hard effects as well as foley. Anybody have any comments or tips?

Also, I apologize if this is in the wrong thread. I'm new here.


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22nd December 2012
Old 22nd December 2012
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Hey, I think this is really good! Maybe just watch some of the dialogue panning, but that's just personal preference I guess. Nice work.
24th December 2012
Old 24th December 2012
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The plane needs work. Start and take off into the by. It seems its just a by. Also you could of done something "cuter" here then a traditional plane by.

Same with that wheel thing. You use the same plane by for it. It should be a different sound and also have more then just the motor sound.

I would say over all you need more stuff in the track it felt dead in parts. Keep working.
24th December 2012
Old 24th December 2012
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The timing was fine for the most part but a lot of the stuff sounded to close and to loud, the best foley work is when it's so subtle you don't consciously notice it because it seems so natural. Also don't think about how something sound in real life think about how it sound in a movie if that makes any sense. Good start though, I need to start doing that more often to keep my chops up.
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