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Sample rate conversion & consolidate increases volume??
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28th February 2012
Old 28th February 2012
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Sample rate conversion & consolidate increases volume??


Excuse the cross-post on the DUC, not sure if this is related to a PT bug or the maths of sample rate conversion...

I've been doing lots of stem assemblies at 24fps, consolidating to one file and then converting to 23.98fps via sample rate conversion in the import session window. I've noticed that my peaks are ~1-1 1/2 db higher using the "find level" function on the Gain audiosuite plugin. Measuring the true peak via the Nugen VisLM plug, there's usually a .5 - 1db difference. Anyone come across this phenomena? Is it a bug or does the sample rate conversion change how peaks are read/alter the peaks somehow?
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28th February 2012
Old 28th February 2012
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SRC as well as timstretching causes changes in measured dbfs peak levels. I don't know the math behind it but it does change.
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28th February 2012
Old 28th February 2012
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Yes, I've also noticed that SRC, time and pitch changes applied to stems always cause peaks higher than in the original file. I suppose this is much because the sound in the original file has undergone some dynamic range compression, and during SRC those compressed peaks are restored to some extent. Still, it's only my supposition.
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