Custom Monitors (TAD-2001 HF Driver/JBL 2235H LF Driver)
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Custom Monitors (TAD-2001 HF Driver/JBL 2235H LF Driver)

I was wondering if anyone here had any information regarding Reflexion Arts 234 Loudspeakers.

I am planning to get a pair for my upcoming studio.

They are made with TAD-2001 HF Compression Driver

and the JBL 2235H 15 inch LF Driver.

A horn is then used for the TD-2001 HF driver. Neva Audio Amps (Russian) are used for the loudspeakers.

I have no way of listening to these because of how rare they are and even the components are difficult to get with the TAD-2001 HF drivers having sometimes a year long waiting list!!

From whatever little I have gathered from articles and info online the TAD-2001 are one of the best regarded HF drivers ever made and the JBL is quite highly regarded as well.

Anyone have any experience with these or even Horn Loudspeakers in general?



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I am using regularly RA 234 speakers in 5.1 configuration (with EAW surrounds and McCauley subwoofer) and I have specified the same system (except this time with JBL 8340A surrounds) for my new studio.
These monitors are extremely detailed and reveal a lot in the midrange. The crossover they specify for the system is asymmetric, LP is 24 dB/oct and HP is 12 dB/oct.
Speakers can reproduce 20 Hz effortlessly, and HF driver, as you said, is one of the best around (also used by Kinoshita). Amps are asymmetric, too, HF section is powered by 50W class A, while LF has 400W, AB.
They're not "nice sounding" monitors, and you have to put a lot of effort into your mix to get it sound right. Errors in recordings are easily audible.
If you go for a McCauley sub, you'll be hearing 16 Hz in your studio without any distortion.
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Hey Branko,

Thanks for the info. I did read up on TAD and JBL - very high quality stuff.

Really looking forward to seeing them in action!

Did Philip Newell do your room?


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