my 44 square foot studio
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22nd November 2010
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my 44 square foot studio

long time lurker, first time poster.

i went from having a 10x12 room to an 8x5.5 walk in closet. had to make room for a guest room that will never be used. but it did me some good to 'clean house' and pitch the garbage and junk i had lying around. i even have a nice big pile of things to sell on CL. hopefully i'll get enough cash to buy a new mixer.


this is the short wall. only 6' long with the door.

2x ikea stuva childrens storage units (without drawer installed) - $50/each

the stuva holds my guitars very well. enough room underneath to store pedals or even some crates of things. :thu:

this is the long wall. 8'. i bought two ikea benno tv benches to house my keyboards. - $70/each.

the benno units are 46.5" long each. and i BARELY had enough room to shove an old power mac back against the wall. this is used for tracking. 16 tracks at a time via two firepods.

for the racks, i used ikea rast side tables. $15/each. they are a perfect 6U. the rails were another $8/pair. i got those on ebay.

this one houses my drumstation, sampler and fx units.

this one handles the patchbay, power strip, power amp and firepods. the recording rack.

tilt your head.

23rd November 2010
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I dub thee, Studio Ikea
23rd November 2010
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Fantastic use of your space, well done!
23rd November 2010
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Originally Posted by EmmGee View Post
I dub thee, Studio Ikea

Good stuff! I'm planning on smallerizing my home studio to have a dedicated room for it. The current room sounds good, the new one would need acoustic treatment. More £££ if I do it!
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