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doubling lead vocals
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4th March 2013
Old 4th March 2013
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doubling lead vocals

I am mixing a rock song, the lead vocals have been doubled during the choruses. I basically treat the doubled vocals same as the main lead vocal, except I compress them a bit harder.
question is: do I also apply reverb to the doubled track, or do I leave it dry?

any insight would be much appreciated.
4th March 2013
Old 4th March 2013
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I think it would depend on what sound you are going for. I usually send all of my vox to a Vocal buss and have whatever processing I may want (other than possible individual track compression and eq) I put on the buss. That way everything sounds like it is in the same space sonically. You may want to treat your background vox differently, but again it is just a matter of taste IMO.
4th March 2013
Old 4th March 2013
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Whatever sounds good is good. I even remember sending only doubled vocal into reverb. You can try some stereo tricks: if you have more than one doubled vocal try panning them L/R, or if you have only one apply short delay /between 10 and 20 ms/ and pan original doubled track and delay hard L/R. Sometimes you have to eq differently taking off more low-mids or highs, and looking for more aggressive overall effect. It's not unusual to squash doubled vocal with compressor really hard, or even distorting it with some plug-in or guitar amp. On metal core mixes I did some time ago it worked great.
But if it sounds ok like it is its probably ok.
4th March 2013
Old 4th March 2013
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I usually filter my stacks differently than my main vocal.

You can do whatever you want as far as reverbs go. I usually send them to the same sends my main vox is using. Perhaps just a less of it tho?

It really just depends on the sound you want.
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