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Treatment, Converters, Preamps
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18th November 2012
Old 18th November 2012
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Treatment, Converters, Preamps

I have a feeling this thread has been mulled over and I apologize for the repetition but I'm new to the site an can't really seem to find anything of use. I have a profire 2626, no external pre's and some decent mid level microphones. I have about 2k and I'm looking to upgrade converters or preamps or possibly acoustic treatment. I'm going to be moving soon, so I'd like to exclude the acoustic treatment for now. I saw on here somewhere a test to check the quality of your converters but i'm not sure if it's accurate. I took a song from itunes and dragged it into logic. Then i recorded the same song by lining out of my macbook pro and into my the line in of my interface. The recorded track was extremely muddy compared to the pristine quality of the studio version. Is this test accurate? I was already leaning towards replacing converters first anyway. Also if someone could define dynamic range and signal to noise ratio for me, and also how much each decibel makes a difference. For instance the line inputs on the profire have 110 db dynamic range where as say they symphony is 120 I believe. Thank you in advance.
19th November 2012
Old 19th November 2012
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Hmmm... I'd say look at what you're the least happiest with in your studio and go from there. It's not as simple as just upgrading one thing and blam, it's all gravy. I'd seriously look at upgrading your monitors and converters if I could suggest something though
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