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Summer Camp Budget Recording Studio Help
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9th April 2012
Old 9th April 2012
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Summer Camp Budget Recording Studio Help

I'm looking at setting up a studio for my summer camp. Something super dirty.

What kind of gear would you recommend for:
- Mic-ing Acoustic Guitar (2 of something?)
- Vocal Mic (Already thinking of an SM7B)
- Group (Choir-esque) micing in an enclosed space
- Something to do a bit of field recording
- Headphones
- Pre-amp

Basically I'm looking for 4-5 microphones that can be used in a variety of settings. Any help is greatly appreciated!

10th April 2012
Old 10th April 2012
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Summer camp = kids+outdoors, right?

Grab a H4, look around for offers or deals. That gives you an XY pair suitable for field recording, and it covers the choir type thing. Also functions as a 4 track.

A pair of 57's, and a 58. That govers your acoustic guitars and gives you some spot vocal mics.

If you're thinking "Nice" vocal mic, I'm glad you're not pointing towards a LDC. If you've the cash an RE20 is a great option, and alot more versatile than the SM7 (but you do loose slut pointz).
Why don't you just knock it off with them negative waves?

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10th April 2012
Old 10th April 2012
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What's the budget?

I'd just get one of those Tascam/Fostex/Zoom handheld recorders with built in mics--you can also use this to record any external mics for the particular situations you mention.

I think that and 1 large diaphragm condenser would do it. Sounds like classical, archive recording, for that I would disagree with Jazz and stick with condensers.

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