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eqing music for tv commercials
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1st September 2012
Old 1st September 2012
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eqing music for tv commercials


what do you guys do eq-wize on a commercial music track for use in a TV advert? I used to leave the eq flat thinking a professionally mastered track will sound great on TV but they tend to sound a bit flat and muddy compared to other commercials?

I've started adding a 4db hi-shelf around 4k and scooping the low mids at about 100hz and 500hz...

any suggestions / words of wisdom?


1st September 2012
Old 1st September 2012
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Something done in radio a lot, if there is vocals over the music you want to cut out around th 1k to 3k range (depending on the voice) you want to carve out a space for the vocal to sit. And as far as eqing....isn't everything basically L3'd to death of tv?

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1st September 2012
Old 1st September 2012
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A majority of the time I find I don't have to. Music libraries have been pretty good about putting out music that will play nice over VO. That being said, there are times when I do what abechap024 does. Or There might be a particularly annoying frequency due to some instrument in the mix and I'll zero in on that and pull the offending frequency down. No general rule for me though. Track to track, things can be mixed quite differently.
1st September 2012
Old 1st September 2012
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Yeah, every promo and every track is different. We tend to use a lot of music from record labels that never had TV in mind, so I typically have a light C6 on the submix triggered by the VO to dip out the mids slightly when the voice is there. Nothing over the top, but it clearly helps.
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