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V-I plugs in PT & Nuendo - can bounce-to-disk, but not audio track within program?
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Mitch Manger
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26th September 2006
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V-I plugs in PT & Nuendo - can bounce-to-disk, but not audio track within program?

After about 14 consecutive hours of work, I got the MIDI from my CME UF8 to work with a few Kontakt-based plugins and a few Free instrument plug ins. These are my first instrument plugins.

But I can't get the plugins to output an audio track...Can plugins even do that? I've tried arranging busses to audio and aux tracks in Nuendo (for which I use my Presonus Firebox's MIDI IN) and Pro Tools (for which I use my Digi002's MIDI IN, putting the plugins as inserts on those tracks, and another thing or two, and so far I've had no luck in extracting an audio track from them. They only seem to trigger live via MIDI (of course), but only create sound during playback and cannot record to an audio track/region. Yes, I am recording the midi data and can definitely record and save midi tracks and have them trigger the plugins during playback. With PT, I can bounce to disc and with nuendo it's possible with the similar function, though I forget the exact name.

But I just wish there was some easier way to bus the sound from the plugin into an audio track or aux track in PT and/or Nuendo...is there a solution?

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