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Need a new drum plugin
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18th June 2013
Old 18th June 2013
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Need a new drum plugin

About to embark on a whole raft of demos. Style is alt / hard rock in the vein of APC, Smashing Pumpkins, NIN etc. I want to get a decent drum plugin to run pre-prepared midi tracks into. Looking at spending around $150.00.

Options I've considered:
- BFD Eco ($29 this month) + Joe Barrasi platinum samples ($50)
- NI Abbey Road modern drums
- NI Studio Drummer
- Addictive Drums
- EZdrummer

Tone is king and I need something as a good base for the demos so the vibe is right. In all likelihood these will never make it to "real" recordings but I still need it to be convincing for presentation purposes.

What's good? What's not? Hit me!
18th June 2013
Old 18th June 2013
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I''m also influenced by the bands you named and I'd advice you to go for Superior Drummer and the Joe Barresi Pack (it's so so good).
The advantage with Superior Drummer is that you have so many options to shape and tweak your sounds. There's this feature x-drum where you can add single drums to your set.
So you can add for example a kick that is only responsible for the "snap" of your overall kickdrum sound.

I never used BFD so I don't know how it compares to Superior Drummer.

Addictive Drums is also very cool but you have to tweak it a lot. The presets sound very fat and processed but at the same time it's too much. I think a good amount of the rock presets has a +10 db boost on the snare in hi-mid freqs. I dont know what they whereh thinking. If you take the eq off ... now it sounds good

NI Abbey Road Modern Drummer - I really liked it at the beginning, there's this preset alternative rock and it really sounds kinda like the nevermind drum sound but after a while I didn't really like the snares and you can switch only between three snares per set and you have two sets. stupidly enough you cant combine drumset 1 with a snare from drumset 2. it's definetly a hit or miss plugin.

To cut it short if you're into having a variety of sounds and the possibility to tweak them to the maximum, superior drummer is the best along with the evil drums pack.

less tweaking more processed sound from the beginning, then go for addictive drums or modern drummer.

and btw NIN used addictive drums on the track discipline, if you own it you hear it immeadiately but it was also reported and confirmed that they used that software for their last record
18th June 2013
Old 18th June 2013
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i use addictive drums and supperior drummer for my drum needs. superior has more editing and mixing functions than addictive drums i think but addictive drums is like $100 cheaper


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18th June 2013
Old 18th June 2013
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Check out Steven Slate SSD4 deluxe and also the CLA expansion. That will get you where you want to go with not too much tweaking. It's also on sale at Audio Deluxe with 60% reduction at the moment.
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