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Damaged CPU ?
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16th August 2006
Old 16th August 2006
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Damaged CPU ?

Hello everyone,

I just opened a proejct in Nuendo and the audio was skipping and everything. So i changed a few settings on the bios of my A8v (using a Athlon X2 4400+) and the problem still existed on every project i opened. So, i decided to test Nuendo disabling the multi processor setting, and voilá, all problems disappeared. I tried turning the setting back on, but the problem was also back. Is my processor damaged? Everything else seems to work fine, though. What more can i check to see if the processor is Ok or not?

16th August 2006
Old 16th August 2006
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$ .02

ya got your manual handy??? i'm not real sure on this but as i remember there's a tab for enabling multi processors in vst set up... assuming youre legit ya may want to ask fredo over at steinberg users to be sure...
17th August 2006
Old 17th August 2006
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need more system info.
memory level ??
drives ?? model numbers ??
sound card ??
what do you have in your pci slots ??
read some of my back posts on pc optimising tips ive detailed over past year.
to summarise.....IDEALLY....for a daw
1 to 2 gigs ram.
two 16 mb cache hard drives on their own controllers. one for win....
one to record to. (digital audio likes fat caches in hard drives..better performance.)
if useing a pci sound card...dont bung up the other pci slots with devices..cos they can lock out the pci audio card thus leading to pops/cliks etc and anomolies. peace.
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17th August 2006
Old 17th August 2006
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Sounds like a conflict with the Audio card and Cpu.

Move the Audio card to another pci slot until the problem resolves itself..
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