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Recording with a Spirit M12 mixer
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23rd February 2013
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Recording with a Spirit M12 mixer

...I posted this elsewhere here, but I think this the appropriate forum -

Hi - bit of a newbie question,

I have a Spirit M12 mixer and a E-MU 1212m pci audio card.

I want to be able to record into my DAW via the SPDIF output of the Spirit via the coaxial spdif input on the E-MU whilst monitoring the output of the DAW at the same time ie,previously recorded tracks.The problem is, that I have the output of the E-MU being fed back into the mixer so that I can monitor it's output and this is obviously feeding back in to the spdif input when I go to record a new track, so I am getting the previous tracks recorded along with the new one.The only work around I have so far figured out is, that the Spirit allows you also to route only auxiliary sends to the spdif and therefore bypassing the main mix out, it works but it is less than ideal, the other option is to plug my monitors directly into the E-MU outputs therefore bypassing the mixer all together.

Is there a more workable solution to my problem? I would be grateful for any help with this
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