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When do ilok demo licenses end?
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29th December 2012
Old 29th December 2012
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When do ilok demo licenses end?

Hey guys, I am demoing a plugin with a demo license on my ilok. It says that the license ends tomorrow, but does that mean that it ends at 12:00AM tomorrow, by the end of the day tomorrow (11:59PM), or by the time I originally demoed it (evening)?

I did plenty of searches here and elsewhere and came up with nothing, and ilok.com is no help at all.

I have a mix that is using a demoed plugin that really makes the drum sound for the song, and I need to adjust the mix and send it out to a client ASAP. If I try and use the plugin tomorrow, will it work? The studio I work at is considering buying the plugin but not immediately, and I need to get this mix out before the demo runs out.....

If anyone knows anything about this, it would be a huge help. Thanks!
29th December 2012
Old 29th December 2012
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12a I believe.

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30th December 2012
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print the effected track either by re-recording it or audiosuite

if you are nervous about the loss of flexibility, you might want to print a few versions with different settings of the plug.

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