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MACKIE CR 1604 - How much effect on the sound??
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Benny Hill
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20th November 2012
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MACKIE CR 1604 - How much effect on the sound??

Hello everyone,

I have built a decent studio with analog drum machines, analog and digital synths, sequencers etc... I was planning on running things through my Mackie CR 1604 then into my AD Converter(probably getting an Aurora Lynx). I'm wondering if I don't use any EQ from the board how much the 1604 will effect my sound quality. And whats the word on the digital mixers like the Presonus? Any recommendations anyone has on a good mixer would be great.

Basically I'm looking for convenience I guess. I want to be able to hook up my instruments through the mixer as opposed to reaching around behind the AD Converter. And maybe there are other things that will become important but for now this is the main reason. It would also be nice to mix manually as opposed to pointing and clicking. I'm not the best when it comes to all this gear and best applications for this or that. Thanks.
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