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Cubase SX3.1 Question
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6th July 2006
Old 6th July 2006
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Cubase SX3.1 Question

Can my mackie hui throw off cubases' timing via midi? Do I have to setup up some kind of midi sync when using a midi controller like the HUI. I didn't see anything mentioned about that in the Cubase operations guide. The reason I ask this question is because I imported some wave files of equal length into cubase and then recorded some new tracks in addition to the ones I imported. I saved the session and when I opened the file the next day and played the song, 2 out of the 4 new tracks were out of alignment by around 2-3 seconds! Since I am no Cubase master I figured I would ask to see if one of you might know if I have to sync the midi timing of cubase to the hui. I don't use midi very often at all and my knowledge of it is rather limited. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

6th July 2006
Old 6th July 2006
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8th July 2006
Old 8th July 2006
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Doubt it.

I'm using a Tascam FW controller w/SX3 in Hui mode and honestly...I don't think I've EVER touched any midi settings to make it work & I've never had a problem with shifting audio.

Could've been a freak thing or maybe some kind of pilot error...dragged them around by accident.
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9th August 2006
Old 9th August 2006
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I had a similar issue once or twice, but once I restarted the computer the tracks were back in sync... did it persist on multiple openings of the project?
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9th August 2006
Old 9th August 2006
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i think i had a similar problem to you. try checking the midi tempo track. when you record audio parts, it synchs to the midi tempo and then if you change the tempo, it will move the audio with it.
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