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man rubbing his gongs
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3rd June 2012
Old 3rd June 2012
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man rubbing his gongs


has anyone recorded large gongs before ? - a guy wants me to record a gig he is doing next week in a church with a few large gongs - one of them is 2 metres tall

thing is - he 's not only hitting the gongs but he's using a variety of mallets to rub the gongs to produce some really cool subtle sounds -

there is enough room for me sit behind the gongs with my computer, so i was thinking of being there with 2 dynamic mics up close and 2 pzm's at the sides and forward a bit of the gongs

at the front and in the distance - a zoom h4n in the middle with 2 condenser mics at the sides

i know that i ll obviously have to monitor the mic positions to find the sweet spots but does anyone have any advice?

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4th June 2012
Old 4th June 2012
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Maybe even an omni? Seems like a gong is a lot of reverberation....

Try using your ears and then place a bi directional or two condensors in place of your ears where you like the sound the best.
4th June 2012
Old 4th June 2012
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I don't have any useful advice for you but you have my vote for best thread title of 2012.
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