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Latency question for you guys using FW interface
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4th June 2006
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Question Latency question for you guys using FW interface

I'm considering moving from my PCI-based multiface (on PC) to a FW unit (rme, metric halo, apogee on a macbook pro) . I'm used to tracking and mixing with 1.5 ms (64 samples) of latency (normally no more than 14 to 16 tracks with no more than one or two plugins on maybe 1/3 of the tracks). Can I expect low latencies like this on a FW unit or do they *inherently* force one to operate with higher latencies? Right now I'm kinda on the fence between going FW with the macbook or waiting until I can afford another machine that uses PCIe cards. I'd prefer FW if I don't have to sacrifice on performance.

Thank you for any advice or input.
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