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Are you on 64 bit yet?
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13th June 2011
Old 13th June 2011
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Are you on 64 bit yet?

I am on a quadcore PC at 2.4 ghz and 4 GB Ram. Everything is running great, but I'm still running 32 applications. I was wondering the benefits of running everything in 64 bit? Do I have access to more RAM? I was interested in buying a PC desktop that has 8 GB of RAM or 12 GB of RAM. Theirs a guy who can sell me a PC desktop for around 800-an i7 and 12 GB RAM. Eventually I would like to have a full blow Mac/Pro Tools set-up, but its just a PC for now. My main DAW is Sonar (don't really like that much anymore), and FL Studio. I also sequence in Maschine sometimes.

When running a DAW is 64 bit with 12 GB of RAM, will the 64 bit DAW use all of the 12 GB of RAM? Will performance increase using more RAM?Your personal set-up and experiences using on a 64 bit system is appreciated. Thanks for your help.
13th June 2011
Old 13th June 2011
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To run 32-bit software in 64-bit operating environment, you may need a 64-bit emulation to run the 32-bit soft within, and depending on unpredictable conditions you may experience performance degradation doing so. I suggest you make sure all your software needs are certified 64-bit before making the jump. And such a jump today means you'll be confined to a limited amount of software.

32-bit architechture limits the RAM usage to 3,26 gb RAM for each application. But with 64-bit, yes, each application can use tons more RAM - whatever RAM is left after the amount the operating system uses (which is usually 300-800 mb).
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