EFX: PSP vs Sound Toys
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27th November 2005
Old 27th November 2005
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EFX: PSP vs Sound Toys

So, I figured I was gonna get all the Sound Toys plugins, until I started demoing the PSP Effects Pack.

Here's what I'm thinking so far:

The Sound Toys are really good, but the PSP's sound a lot smoother to me. The last time I tried the PSP effects, I wasn't as impressed, but I didn't have a Rosetta 800 or my ATC's yet: BIG difference.

The Sound Toys sound more like plugins, and also, when I put them on a track, the track seems to be about the effect, whereas the PSP (delays especially) seem to meld right in with the tracks. Maybe it's just how I'm using them, because otherwise what would cause that?

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get the PSP bundle, but I'm just wondering what you guys think...
27th November 2005
Old 27th November 2005
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Do it, Nitro is sweet and very flexible....

28th November 2005
Old 28th November 2005
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I really like the soundtoys plugins ,

They have a very hmm im sure they will hate me for this , an eventide quality about them which is not surprising considering there heritage.

I own the Eventide anthology range and an H8000 so have been able to compare them.

Crystalisers obviously are very similiar and the phase mistress sounds fantastic.

If I was to pick a weak point it would have to be the filter freak.

Overall though I dig a lot


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