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dell inspiron firewire adapter?
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30th September 2007
Old 30th September 2007
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dell inspiron firewire adapter?

Ok. First off. I'm very angry for going with dell. Support doesn't help. I new more about the computer and their products then they did. All they suggested was a firewire to usb adapter... Which in my head.. Doesn't make sense. It seems to me as all that would do, would be to connect it. Isn't the whole purpose of firewire to speeeeed up the connection? haha. Correct me if I'm wrong but I doubt that would solve my problem. I want to connect a presonus firepod to this laptop. It has a "pcmia" slot. I've googled. Haven't found much, but there is evidence of there being adapters for my situation. But I come to you bunch of genius' to assist me. Anybody know how to get me out of this pickle?? thanks friends.
30th September 2007
Old 30th September 2007
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Check this thread... Long read, but lot's of info:

Firewire issue affecting all the Dell Core Duo notebooks - Notebook Forums and Laptop Discussion

It's not just Dell. In fact, there seems to be no real rhyme or reasong to what works and what does not.

I have experience with several Dell laptops. When stripped down and configured for only what you need to record with, mine have worked fine, with occasional glitches that seem random and unavoidable. Firepods (now FP10) is great! As is the Firestudio. The above link came to me from the staff @ Presonus.
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