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Answer to PT / ADC / External Hardware delay problem?
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Kevin Thoms
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24th July 2007
Old 24th July 2007
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Answer to PT / ADC / External Hardware delay problem?

Hi there

Mixing in tools 7.1 with ADC on and using an external summing box returning to tools and monitored on an aux, i'm using sends to external verbs etc and sub mixing these and bringing them in on a seperate aux back into tools. I'm suffering from the delay /phase nightmare caused by the gap between the PT sening via a bus and the ADC recalculations and cannot for the life of me figure out how to avoid this problem. Reverbs are not so much of a problem but chorus, delays and the rest are becoming like a slap back delay. I'm trying to avoid printing the effects are pulling it back so any other solutions welcom. I need to control the aux send from tools by the way, i've no aux's on the summing mixer

thanks in advance
24th July 2007
Old 24th July 2007
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Are you using all your I/O sends to outboard gear via I/O Inserts -- if not, you should be. It sounds like you're returning right into an Aux Track instead of using the Insert.

For a vocal reverb for instance - Create a Stereo Aux Track, set the Input to an available virtual bus (say Bus 12) -- on your vocal track send via Bus 12 to the reverb. On the Aux Track use the I/O Insert to send to and return from the hardware reverb unit.

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