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Sourwater Sales Exp.
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2nd March 2013
Old 2nd March 2013
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Sourwater Sales Exp.

Alright, so I was in the market to buy a lynx hilo, I had heard one and it sounded incredible, but I had a few questions about it. So I decide I will call up Sweetwater to buy one. I figured my previous sales person might want to have the sale with no effort at all. I call them up and I advise him that I am running a analog summing setup with a dbox and a ufx, and I would like to capture the sum with the hilo. I already knew this but the guy goes on to question everything in my setup, and thinks its comical that I have a UFX and then wanting a Hilo. Its almost if hes disgruntled that I have a Kemper too and a good setup already. He then tells me I need a symphony 8x8x8. At this point I am having to explain to him why I want this. Its the most backwards sales experience ive had. If he pulled up my account he would have seen I spent 2 grand last year with them. He was actively trying to make me feel like I didn't know what I was talking about. I felt like I called Guitar Center or Dell. Fed up, I hang up the phone. They pretty much lost my business for good. I then decided to call Lynx. I get a guy on the phone named Phil Moon and he answers all of my questions. Afterwards I looked him up and realize he is the Vice President Sales and Marketing for the company. I was completely floored when I found that out. I've never met such a accessible company that makes such great products. So thank you Phil for answering my questions and im looking forward to getting a Hilo. Sweetwater can keep the candy, im doing just dandy.
2nd March 2013
Old 2nd March 2013
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2nd March 2013
Old 2nd March 2013
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Writers block?

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2nd March 2013
Old 2nd March 2013
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Phil is one of the good ones...
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