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SoundPimp my what now?
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6th February 2013
Old 6th February 2013
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SoundPimp my what now?

So my little brother found an article about some stereophile dude ranting about how he can only get true stereo experience from headphones, and his $100 000,- HiFi system is not "representing the stereo image" like the recording was. And asked me to explain what his software really does.

(I know there are loads of different emulations that does the same thing, like some Dolby, integrated "3D" sound in TV-speakers etc etc.)

I took a listen to the demos on the site and I instantly went, yeah.. phasing like crazy on playback. (Could basically do the same with just inverting one speaker or phase shift 180 one of the stereo-channels.)

How SoundPimp works | SoundPimp computer audio enhancer

L and R will always differ due to different angle and distance to the source. This means that L is absolutely unique to – and destined for – the left ear only, and likewise of course; for R and the right ear. The brain then combines L and R as two sound vectors, thus creating spatial impressions that are very important elements of the perceived realism in the playback.
I don´t know about him, but I have 2 ears. And what I hear from an instrument or a live session on my Left ear I will also hear on my right, although slightly different in amplitude, frequency and time.

Not that it is impossible for a skillful recording engineer to take advantage of the crosstalk “channel” and create interesting effects, but regardless, crosstalk is basically counterproductive, causing diminution of the playback experience compared to the original live setting.
How is crosstalk causing diminution of the playback experience compared to the original live setting? You still heard the guitarist on the Left with your right ear, why shouldnt you after its recorded and played back to you for later enjoyment? Should we all go back to the "Beatles"-ish way of mixing? All instruments on the left speaker and vocals on the right for the "true stereo" experience? It´s just separate mono..

It doesnt work on headphones.
Of course it doesnt....

Well, enough of my rant. You can read it yourselves if you wish. Maybe my sound engineering degree is just bullshit after all.

I just got a little angry. (especially after reading all the comments on the magazine interview stating "WOW! Every music lover should use this".)..
6th February 2013
Old 6th February 2013
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The hifi world is riddled with snake oil salesmen.
This, my fellow member, is just the tip of the iceberg.
6th February 2013
Old 6th February 2013
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"the two loudspeakers will start to work mutually in tandem to cancel each others contribution to the crosstalk".

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9th February 2013
Old 9th February 2013
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The believabiliality of the dissertorial offering was diminished by the detrimentality of the misunderstanding of the applicability of the thesaurus thereby causing negative crosstalk brain interference.
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