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Angry customers prayers are being answered. Avid is now listening.
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3rd March 2012
Old 3rd March 2012
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I wasn't planning on upgrading to version 10 because I was happy with how version 9.01 runs, and Avid hasn't yet implemented 64 bits so PT10 cannot take advantage of all the RAM in my Mac Pro. However, the Mac came up with a message saying it had lost its authentication after I ran the 9.05 update - which is dumb because iLok says all my licenses are right there. so PT9 would not run, and my option was to buy a support call from avid, since they NEVER answer the blessed phone when one calls, or to buy PT10. I chose PT10, struggled for a couple of days to get it running, then discovered that PT10 thousands of dollars of RTAS plugins. It afford to replace all them, and note that if there a reasonable upgrade fee that would be one thing; but the Avid online store will only re-sell the plugin bundles to me at $595/each - which would add several thousand dollars more to the cost of this FIX FOR AUTHORIZATION BUGS IN PT9.

if Avid sells us an iLok security dongle, they should drop all other forms of copy protection which have a tendency to screw up customers at the most inopportune moments. let's face it - my ilok can only be in one computer's USB slot at a time. PT7-PT9 versions of the plugins can still be downloaded for free, but the PT10 versions can only be downloaded from the store after you pay Avid.
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3rd March 2012
Old 3rd March 2012
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Originally Posted by Jsepeta View Post
PT7-PT9 versions of the plugins can still be downloaded for free, but the PT10 versions can only be downloaded from the store after you pay Avid.
that doesnt sound right. are you sure you werent looking at the new AAX versions? a pt update would never cost you in 3rd party RTAS plugin updates.
3rd March 2012
Old 3rd March 2012
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Originally Posted by bwrecordings View Post
I'm Rick Carson and I posted on avids page and now here. What you are saying is my exact problem. You really think 9 was a good investment. The thing is pretty much still in ****ing beta and they dropped support. It's bullshit.
For what it's worth, 9 was a little better because of the hardware detachment but the crashes... I think I might have PTSD from how many beach-ball days there were at my studio (that I was working at). Since then I jumped to pay the outrageous pt10 prices because I needed the functionality I knew it would bring. Such as the disk cache. So I really think the issue is truly at how they are updating (paid updates) of software that was unacceptable for me at least.
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