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Portable Quiet AC ????
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14th July 2003
Old 14th July 2003
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Portable Quiet AC ????

I was wondering if anyone on the group has their garage into their studio and put a portable AC inside and if they'd be so kind as to let me know which they went with and how noisy/quiet it is.

I can't put a window unit or full unit in my garage, so I'm kind of stuck.

Thanks for any help!

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2nd August 2003
Old 2nd August 2003
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Get something huge that'll cool the place down and air it out really fast and then shut it down while you're working. Every other approach will be too noisey, too hot or cost big bucks.
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2nd August 2003
Old 2nd August 2003
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How big is your space?

(Height as well as footprint)

3rd August 2003
Old 3rd August 2003
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I don't think they work very well, because there's really no place for the heat exhaust to go...that and they are pretty noisy...

We've got a window unit mounted very high up in a wall... some baffling and turning it off (or way down) while recording helps... to further reduce its impact, I have a saved a noise sample to filter out the air movement...works pretty well...
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3rd August 2003
Old 3rd August 2003
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What I have "heard" is that Japanese units in general are the quietest suckers out there. You unfortunately have to "audition" air conditioners to see what I mean. Best of luck and let us know what you end up with. ----Lee
30th August 2003
Old 30th August 2003
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There are "portable" ac units called the "Pinguino" that come in different sizes that are the quietest that I've found. In Italy and Greece all the little shops have small ac units that really crank out the cold air. I bought a pinguino that I keep in an enclosed area in the back of the control room and I turn it on when I need it and it works pretty well. It needs a hot air exhaust so I have a dryer hose that snakes up to my exhaust vent in the top of the room. The best bet is a two piece unit. You mount one unit on the roof or in a window and the other in your control room and they are quiet, at least in the control room.

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